This Coming Weekend 14 – 15 July

This Saturday at the field will see the Vintage and Retro day.  There will be three competitions for those with a Vintage model including Precision Pattern, Spot Landing and Free Flight.  A vintage model is classed as an aeroplane that is inspired from the early free flight era and converted to radio.  Please also bring along retro models from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Although there is not a competition for these models it would good to see them fly and stir up memories of the past.  This coming Sunday 15th July is the Avicraft Fun Fly day, held at the Bickley Club's fantastic field from around 10.30 onwards and we are all welcome to...

Round 2 of the Inter Club Fun Fly Competition.

A sunny afternoon at the Concord field saw the gathering of 20 competitors from the 3 clubs Caterham, Croydon and Concord for the second of the three rounds this year. 3 different competitions were flown, Balloon Bursting Snooker, combining the skill of bursting balloons with the option of choosing which colours to "pot".  Then triple triple thrash where three each of loops , rolls and spins were timed from take off to landing.  This produced some really spectacular landings from the last of the 3 spins and some really exciting and close competition as competitors learned from each other’s attempts. Finally a climb and glide event where the...

Club Competition Update

The CDMFC competition season has continued at pace with an encouraging level of participation from members with all levels of flying ability.  A great deal of fun was had by everyone attending.  Here is a summary of the results : April saw the  introduction of a new combined event and one that is becoming fast established as a favourite and the popular strategy event Blackjack. In Water Carrying-Short Landing  the number of  drips of water remaining was combined with the distance taken to land. Neil came first, followed by Gavin , then James, then Colin, Ted, David, our Juniors Philip and Matthew, and finally Richard C and Shaun. In...

Postponement of Inter Club Event.

Please note that the Inter Club Fun Fly event due to take place this coming Sunday 15th April has been postponed due to the wet condition of the track and pits. We have re-scheduled the event for Sunday 29th April.  Any members can attend and fly in the event.

An exciting opportunity for Scale Pilots.

On the BMFA Website there is a link to a Facebook post looking for Model Pilots to take part in a large filming event in June.   Food , Accommodation and Model are all to be provided. Follow the link below for details.