Events 2021


17th : Club Fun Fly Competition (Loops & Land or Carrier Deck Landing)

19th : Club Night (Static Scale & Concours d’Elegance Competitions)

24th-25th : Old Warden Scale Model Weekend (


1st : South East Area Scale Day – Hastings

7th : CDMFC 50th Anniversary Celebration (Barbecue, Airshow, Family Chuck Gliding etc)

14th : Epsom Radio Flying Club’s Scale Day

16th : Club Night (Build & Fly Night)

21st : Club Fun Fly Competition (Water Carrying Short Landing or Triple Thrash)

22nd : Bickley Club’s Open Scale Day

21st-22nd : Popham Model Air Show

28th : Club Flying Scale Competition & Barbecue


5th : North Kent Nomads Scale Day

18th-19th : Old Warden Model Weekend including Fun Fly Nationals Competition (

20th : Club Night (Modelling Auction)

25th : Club Fun Fly Competition (Limbo or Touch & Go)


9th : Club Fun Fly Competition (Touch & Go Pylon Race or Handicapped Pylon Race)

18th : Club Night (AGM)

30th : Club Fun Fly Competition (Mastermind Just a Minute)


15th : Club Night (Photography Competition & Film Night)


13th : Club Night (Bring along any latest build)
- Christmas Presentation Evening has been postponed to Feb 21st -


18th : Mulled Wine & Mince Pies - Join us at the club at mid-day for a festive get together.

Flying Times

Monday & Friday No i.c. Power Flying (very quiet electric only)

Tuesday, Thursday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday 10am to 8pm BST

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 2pm


Outside of these times, gliders and very quiet electric only may be flown.

All models are to be flown to the club noise regulations at all times to minimise noise disturbance to our neighbours.

Please keep the field gate shut and locked on entering and exiting the field. Please never leave the unlock code visible and always return to 77777 when locked, thank you.


C&DMFC Committee 2022

James Gordon : Chairman

Keith Lester : Secretary

Andy Kenning : Treasurer

Gavin Barden : Competitions

Martin Dunn : Club Nights

Christian Marryat : Events/I.T.

Colin R

Ben Dean: Website