Events 2021


No Events Currently Scheduled



Flying Times

Monday & Friday No i.c. Power Flying (very quiet electric only)

Tuesday, Thursday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday 10am to 8pm BST

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 2pm


Outside of these times, gliders and very quiet electric only may be flown.

All models are to be flown to the club noise regulations at all times to minimise noise disturbance to our neighbours.

Please keep the field gate shut and locked on entering and exiting the field. Please never leave the unlock code visible and always return to 77777 when locked, thank you.


C&DMFC Committee 2021

James Gordon : Chairman

Richard Pidduck : Secretary

Andy Kenning : Treasurer

Gavin Barden : Competitions

Keith Lester : Club Nights

Christian Marryat : Events/I.T.

Ben Dean : Website