Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd say what a fantastic day we had at the field today. I haven't seen that many people at the field for a long time, with the summer car park full and about 10 cars down the track! The weather was great too with just a fairly light north easterly wind and a nice autumnal sun.

The main event of the day was the final Equaliser race of the year and we had a great entry of 11 battling it out with some very close and exciting flying, especially towards the end! With Gavin away on a well deserved holiday, it was down to me to get things under way.

To start with we just flew some timed practice laps to get used to the course again. We were also joined by a couple of Croydon members with their Equalisers, so this practice was useful for Trevor and Ian to get the feel of it. Here are the times for 6 laps:

Keith L        4m 20s

Nick L         1m 27s

Neil W        1m 43s

James G     1m 29s

Graham H  1m 27s

Richard C   2m 24s

Ian G          1m 35s

Trevor S     1m 26s

Mark M     1m 33s

Shaun M    1m 43s

Ben D         1m 33s

As you can see there were some very close times. There is one time that you might is a little off the pace but when I tell you that Keith is very much still learning to fly and this racing was done on the buddy box, you will understand. Congratulations to Keith for having a go and enjoying it too! These little models don't exactly make a perfect trainer, so well done Keith and well done to Nick for some truly epic saves!!

Unfortunately we lost Richard after that round, but that still left 10 to start racing...

We split the racers into pairs of a similar time and raced over 5 laps this time. This is where the fun really starts!

Name                        Position                         Time

Neil W                       2nd

Shaun M                   1st                                   1m 15s

Trevor S                    2nd

Nick L                        1st                                   1m 07s

James G                    2nd

Mark M                    1st                                    1m 11s

Ben D                        1st                                    1m 09s

Graham H                2nd

Ian G                         1st                                    1m 23s

Keith L                      2nd

A couple of those races were incredibly close and I really enjoyed mine, with me and Mark diving for the line neck and neck - certainly gets the adrenaline pumping!

We then had two semi finals, with 3 in the first and 2 in the second.....

Name                        Position

Mark M                     1st

Shaun M                   2nd

Ian G                         3rd

Ben D                        1st

Nick L                        2nd

These semi finals were great to watch with again some very close racing and swapping of positions. Some got extremely close, but no contact was made, though I'm not sure how in some cases!

We then had our two finalists with Ben and Mark battling it out for top spot and after another thrilling race, Ben just came across the line first - huge well done to Ben for some very smooth flying. I must say at this point that Ben was flying my model (it's just like the chuck glider comp all over again!). Ben thanked me for the use of the model and said that it was a nicely prepared model but that I (meaning me) just needed to learn to fly it better!! I'd better get practicing for the next one then, but Ben's flying is always very accurate and smooth, so a well deserved victory Ben!

Thanks to everyone that took part and especially to Richard, John and Keith for standing out in the field with a flag for hours on end - thanks chaps.

Other highlights of the day were seeing lots of different models in the air and seeing new member Peter getting on brilliantly in his training, looking like he's been flying for years after only about three sessions! I also test flew Brian R's AcroWot that he had converted to electric, which flew beautifully - look forward to seeing you at the field more with that Brian.

To finish with though, we had a real treat with Ian from Croydon test flying his big Lysander with a gorgeous SC 5 cylinder radial in it. That engine just sounded amazing and I could have listened to it all day and the plane looked beautiful in the air. A stunning model to watch and fly and with him letting me land it with flaps down, it ended up probably the most satisfying landing I've done all year!

So as you can see, a great day all round. Hope to see you down there for the Blindfold flying on the 5th November.

The AGM went well last week and hopefully the minutes will be out soon for you to look at.

Cheers for now,