Hi Everyone,

Well I hope you've all been enjoying the great weather recently and getting some quality flying time. Apparently the field was packed to capacity last Wednesday and the pits filled up with models - just wish I hadn't been at work! Still there have also been plenty of great weekends too, so all is good.

This Saturday 15th July is our Vintage and Retro day at the field from 12pm. I'm really looking forward to this as most of my collection falls well into this category! Retro is basically anything from the 60's, 70's, 80's or even early 90's, so have a look in your attics and see what's lurking up there and bring it to the field on Saturday, flyable or not! It would be great to step back a few decades and see what we used to fly back then...

There will also be competitions for vintage models over the afternoon, which will be Vintage Precision Pattern, Vintage Spot landing and Vintage R/C Free Flight! Should be a nice relaxed afternoon, so hope to see you there.

This coming Monday 17th July is Club Night and will be an ARTF competition for any ARTF model, but hopefully with some modification or personalisation. John will be handing round voting slips for you to vote on your favorite. It will also be a Bring a Model Night for any model that you would like to show us - the more the merrier! There will also be the usual raffle, so prize donations are always very welcome.

Following this week's committee meeting, I thought I'd just bring you up to date with some other club news....

- Mike's model show at Caterham on the Hill a few weeks ago went very well, with perfect weather and a good amount of spectators watching us. We flew pretty much non stop for about 3 hours and flew all types of planes including some balloon bursting, glider piggy back, scale and skittles, which I can report gets quite exciting when your ball gets caught in a tree!! Thanks to Mike for arranging the day and thanks to Dave B for his usual superb commentary and thanks to all of you that supported the event. A very well done also to Phillip for his first public demonstration with a superb flight that must have surely inspired some other kids into hopefully starting in our wonderful hobby.

- Speaking of Phillip, the BBC filmed at our field a couple of weeks ago, following up on Phillip's progress since his 'Dengineers' programme. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon and I think the programme will do a lot to promote model flying and the club. The weather was perfect and the field looked great and the whole crew were very complimentary about Phillip and the club. They filmed Phillip flying as well as Gavin flying his Sea Fury and Mega Fusion and Mike W put on his usual first class display or 3D flying. Matthew also put on a very professional demonstration that was a credit to his continued hard work and his obvious skill. We then had to try and teach the programme's presenter, Lauren to fly a model on the buddy box. I was at the end of the buddy lead and Gavin had the job of instructor...let's just say Lauren found it slightly more difficult that she first thought and according to the producer, the footage is 'tv gold'! The best part was after our best efforts and some quite epic saves, Phillip then took the transmitter and pulled off a perfect landing having never flown a Fusion before! I can't wait to see the finished programme, though Gavin's not so sure! I will of course let you know when it's due to be transmitted. I've attached a couple of pics taken by Phillip's Mum Alison. Thanks to Phillip and his family for involving the club in his programme too.

- The Bmfa News arrived this week and hopefully you will have seen Gavin's great article on the Nationals Fun Fly competition that we as a club run at the August Power National Championships. We've already had some enquiries about the Nats and one person asking where we got our club flag from!! If you haven't been to the Nats before, it's something you really should do at least once. It's the only place where you can see every type of model flying in one huge airfield and is pure modelling heaven. Also the evening free flight jamboree is legendary and has to be witnessed. This event is in doubt for future years, so this year might be your last chance to see this amazing event as it is. Come and join us for the weekend, you won't regret it!

- Another part worth reading the the BMFA news is Manny's part on setting failsafes on page 4 and your legal responsibilities on setting your failsafe on any model. We will be doing some spot checks on failsafes at the field for safety's sake. There is also an update on page 6 on the ongoing EASA regulations and what it means to us.

- Lost Property - While strimming behind the benches at the back of the pilot's box, I found a large carbon tube, which I think must be a wing joiner. If you're missing one, please let me know.

- We have received the new contract for the field this week and are in the process of signing it and sending off the cheque!

This is always a relief to get that done and please do keep up the good work in looking after our wonderful site by making sure the field is always secure and keeping noise to a minimum.

- Unfortunately we have had a couple of complaints from members about engines running for long periods in the pits. We obviously don't want to stop anyone running engines, but to try and keep everyone happy, we have decided that if you want to run an engine in a model for any length of time, please take it out of the pits. There will be an area mown just the other side of the far west end of the pits where you can run models that will hopefully not be a distraction to the flyers or people just wanting a quiet chat in the pits. This will be done this week.

Also apparently some members are still carrying running models or live electric models through the pilot's box. This is extremely dangerous and off putting to anyone flying and must stop. End of moan 😊

- Also at the field, you will see that Gavin has constructed two more new benches for us, so a big thank you to Gavin, they really do look great! Neil has also donated a garden bench too, so thanks to Neil as well.

That's about it for now apart from reminding you that next weekend (22nd/23rd July) is the Scale Weekend at the fabulous Old Warden. If you haven't been to Old Warden before, you're really missing out. It's a magical place and these modelling weekends are just so relaxing and a joy to be at. Next weekend is mainly scale but anything else can fly as well. A B certificate  is required to fly, but if you are flying vintage then an A is fine. As well as the model flying when you feel like it, there is a good selection of model trade and second hand items for sale of the type you don't see anywhere else. There is also of course about seven hangers housing the unique Shuttleworth Collection of aircraft ranging from the earliest examples of aviation up to the end of ww2 and all the collection's aircraft do fly! There are lots of us camping there for the weekend and it is a lovely place to camp, so why not join us for the weekend or even for a day - you really won't regret it.

If you want any more details on Old Warden or anything else, please do get in touch. Please also keep Saturday 5th August in your diaries for our big annual family Barbecue at the field. More details will follow soon!

Hope to see you on Saturday or for club night.

Cheers for now,