Caterham & District Model Flying Club Presentations 2017

At a fun filled and well attended presentation evening on 18th December, and in the presence of special guests South East Area Chairman  Stuart Willis and Area Vice Chairman  Robert Richardson,  James reported on the year’s events and awarded certificates and trophies in the following categories:

Fun Fly Championship    comprising the following events:

Loops and Land, Triple Thrash, Mastermind Just a Minute, Roop, Blackjack, Water Carrying, Limbo, Touch & Go Bang, Short Landing, Tangerine Drop and Skittles.

Fun Fly Champion 2017                                        James Gordon.

Fun Fly Runner Up 2017                                        Gavin Barden

The awards for Non Fun Fly Events went to:

Competition:                                                            Winner:

Left is Right                                                              James Gordon.

Photography                                                             Colin Ruffell

Precision Pattern                                                     James Gordon

Chuck Gliding                                                          David Colley

Ladies Chuck Gliding                                              Alison Langham

Junior Chuck Gliding                                               Avia Colley

Rubber Endurance                                                 James Gordon

Gliding                                                                     Neil Wallis

Vintage Precision                                                    Graham Harrison

Vintage Spot                                                           Gavin Barden

Vintage RC Free Flight                                           Gavin Barden

Overall Vintage Champion 2017                            Gavin Barden

Concours d'Elegance                                             James Gordon

Static Scale                                                              Neil Wallis

ARTF                                                                        Gavin Barden

Flying Scale                                                             James Gordon

Equaliser Awards  Racing                                      Gavin Barden                                            

Thermaliser Award                                                  Graham Harrison

                                                  Championship Results

 Wrinkly Champion 2017          (Wrinkly Plate)                 Neil Wallis

Junior Champion 2017                                                     Matthew Barden

Championship Winner 2017                                            Neil Wallis

                                                   Committee Awards

 Airframe Trophy 2017                                                    Malcolm Thomas

 Unluckiest Pilot of the Year 2017                                 Shaun Dale

Pilot of the Year                                                              Phillip Langham

Given to the member that we feel that has improved the most, or achieved a notable goal, or done well in competitions and events or has been a real asset to the club.                                                                         

Brian Gordon Club Spirit Award                                       Neil Wallis

In memory of Brian Gordon and awarded to the member that most generously gives their time and effort for the benefit of both the club and its members and this award is left to James Gordon to come up with a worthy winner.