Finally, we have been able to run the second round of our Fun Fly competitions.

Firstly  Roop.   Competitors aim to fly as many as possible combinations of Loop and Roll in a minute with the wheels touching down as close to the minute mark as possible.  Deductions to points were made for those under and over a minute.

We had 9 competitors and the scores ranged between 19 and minus 9.   In first place came David Colley with a score of 19.  Second place went to Neil Wallis with a score of 9 and in equal in Third place came Gavin Barden and James Gordon.

In the Left is Right Competition,  10 entrants took turns flying a Club aircraft on a Buddy Box setup.

The competitor flew with reversed ailerons and elevator.  They flew 4 manoeuvres  which were marked for precision, smoothness and consistency.   First again was David Colley with a score of 64, Second was Gavin Barden with a score of 52 very closely followed by Robin Atkinson with a score of 51.

Congratulations to all who took part in this enjoyable round of the Club’s Fun Fly calendar.