The CDMFC competition season has continued at pace with an encouraging level of participation from members with all levels of flying ability.  A great deal of fun was had by everyone attending.  Here is a summary of the results :

April saw the  introduction of a new combined event and one that is becoming fast established as a favourite and the popular strategy event Blackjack.

In Water Carrying-Short Landing  the number of  drips of water remaining was combined with the distance taken to land. Neil came first, followed by Gavin , then James, then Colin, Ted, David, our Juniors Philip and Matthew, and finally Richard C and Shaun.

In Blackjack Gavin came 1st scoring his 21 points in just 39 seconds.  He was followed by James with 48 seconds, then came Ted C, David C, our juniors Philip and Matthew, then Neil , Shaun, Colin and Richard C.

May saw the Spring Barbecue and two more events from the calendar  Flying Scale and Limbo.

In Limbo, James came first with a score of 25 followed equally by Gavin and David with 20 each. Next came Junior Matthew scoring 11 jointly with Colin.  They were followed by Graham, Neil and Richard C.

The scale competition was won by Gavin with one of the last flights of his Tigercat, followed by David with his Cub and Graham with his Focker. Next came Colin with his Pup, Neil with his Spitfire and finally Richard C with his Mustang.

June was time to dust off the Gliders and an entertaining day was had by all.  Thank you to James for providing the Tug although most gliders taking part were self propelled.

First with a maximum score came David, followed by Colin, Andrew, Philip, Neil , Matthew, Gavin, Richard P, Don and finally Richard C.