A sunny afternoon at the Concord field saw the gathering of 20 competitors from the 3 clubs Caterham, Croydon and Concord for the second of the three rounds this year.

3 different competitions were flown, Balloon Bursting Snooker, combining the skill of bursting balloons with the option of choosing which colours to "pot".  Then triple triple thrash where three each of loops , rolls and spins were timed from take off to landing.  This produced some really spectacular landings from the last of the 3 spins and some really exciting and close competition as competitors learned from each other’s attempts.

Finally a climb and glide event where the aim was to glide for as long as possible after a 20 second climb.  This event favoured the powerful electric models who were able to climb almost out of sight.

Overall champion for the day was Caterham’s Neil. The Caterham club also won the club event as we had more competitors in the top positions than Croydon who came second and Concord who came third.  Bob Ryan the former multiple BMFA Fun Fly champion also took part in the event as a guest competitor.

Our thanks go to the Concord club for a well organised event with a splendid Barbecue as well. We look forward to round 3 in the Autumn.