Two rounds of the Fun Fly competition were held on the warmest day yet of 2019.  10 members of the club contested the Blackjack and Water Carrying rounds which attracted entries from new and old members alike.

First place in Blackjack was claimed by Ted, who scored his total of 21 in the minimum of 3 touch and gos in a time of just 22.44 seconds.  Second place was taken by Gavin who scored his 21 points in just 32.97 seconds just ahead of Neil who completed his round in 33.77 seconds.

Once again this year the Water Carrying was combined with a short landing to sort out the old pilots from the bold pilots. Ted triumphed again landing with 34 drips of water remaining in a distance of 3 mtrs. This gave him a score of 28.  Neil came second with a total of 24 drips again in a distance of 3 mtrs, thus scoring 18 points.  Third place went to Matthew who landed with only 6 drips remaining but right on the spot, which meant that he scored 6 points.

Well done to all those who took part.