11 members of the club entered models into this year’s  Flying Scale Competition.

The entrants were required to fly a set schedule followed by manoeuvres chosen from a menu that were within the capabilities of themselves, and appropriate for the model being flown.   The flights were judged by Richard Pidduck and Roger Everitt chosen from a cast of thousands.


In first place after the scores were added up came Carl, followed extremely closely by James, a margin of only one point separated them.  Third came Neil, 4th David, 5th was Colin, 6th was Ian, 7th was Phillip, 8th Mathew, 9th Gavin, who sadly was unable to complete a full flight after an engine failure, 10th was John who also did not complete the flight and in last place came Richard who was also suffering from engine reliability.


The Scale competition was then followed by a Fun Fly round Touch and Go Bang.  10 pilots took part 6 of whom managed to burst the balloon which comprised the Bang part of the competition. In first place came Ted who scored 49, Second place went to Gavin with 47, Third was David with 42, 4th place went to James who scored 38, 5th to Neil with 27 points, 6th place went to Phillip with 24, 7th to William who scored 19, 8th to Ian with 12, 9th to Richard C with 9. Finally came Matthew with 2 points.