The latest round of the CDMFC Fun Fly Championship took place last Saturday with 10 members taking part.  The results were based on the distance from the target that the Tangerine ended up, after being ejected from the flying model.  Accuracy was not as much on show as in recent years but the results were:

  1. 1st place Neil with a distance of 6ft.
  2. 2nd Place   Ted with a distance of 8ft 2 inches.
  3. 3rd Place   James with a distance of 11ft 10 inches.

4th place went to Mathew Barden, 5th to David , 6th to John , 7th to Philip, 8th to Gavin, 9th to Ian and finally with a distance of 56ft and 8 inches came William.   Well done everyone,  It was great to see 3 Juniors taking part in a fun fly competition.