We were blessed with a glorious autumn afternoon for the latest rounds in the CDMFC Funfly Competion.

As usual the Skittles Competition produced some outstanding flying from the 8 members taking part. Richard Coles learned the hard way that it is not a good idea to attach the weighty tennis ball to the rear of the model.  Most members stuck to the tried and tested method of attaching the ball between the legs of the undercarriage, then using a variety of flight paths, they keenly attacked the target.

There was a choice of Red Skittles which scored 10 points or Clear Skittles scoring 5, and two minutes from wheels off to knock as many down as possible.  In truth the pilots had very little choice over the course that the ball took, and as long as they skilfully piloted the correct course, the ball either did its duty or passed cleanly through the maze,   Some pilots even tried knocking the skittles over with the model but these were discounted by sharp eyed judges on the sidelines.

In first place, scoring a stunning 70 points after flattening 8 clear and 3 red skittles came Ted.  In second place with a score of 55 made up from 4 red skittles and 3 clear skittles came Neil.    In third place with 2 red and 4 clear, scoring 40 came David.   Fourth place went to Gavin who  despite the handicap of only flying for half the allowed time, after his prop became tangled in the Ball string, scored 25 with 2 reds and  1 clear.  Fifth place went to Ian G who scored 20 points with 1 red and 2 clear skittles.  Sixth place went to a surprisingly out of form James and last scoring place with 1 solitary clear skittle scoring just 5 points, went to Colin.   Richard C was sadly to land abruptly before managing to score any points.

The Carrier Deck landing was scored according to the touch down point on the painted carrier deck.  As long as the model stopped on the painted target.  If it over-ran, no points were allocated.  Three attempts were allowed for each pilot and the resulting points added to produce a final score.

12 pilots were lined up to start this competition.  There were several tied places in this closely fought round, and points/places were therefore shared instead of any fly offs being held.  Points were available for 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 positions on the deck.  No none scored the magic 100 in any round and only one score of 80.  This is probably due to the calm wind conditions and smooth deck surface.

In First place with an excellent combined score of 200 points, made up of 80, 60 and 60 came David.  In second place with scores of 100 came 3 pilots, Ted, Gavin and Ian G.  In equal 5th place came Matthew and Neil both scoring 80 points.  In 7th place came James who only managed two successful landings and therefor only scored 60 points.   In shared 8th place came Nic and Ian P, both scoring only one landing with 40 points.  10th place was shared by Colin and William neither of who managed to score any points but both came really close and were unlucky.   Colin was also hampered by adjustments made earlier to his model, which instead of making it easier to fly made it totally unpredictable and unwilling to slow down.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable afternoons flying, and as the closing round of the championship gets closer, things are hotting up.