Article 94F of the Air Navigation Order introduces the requirement that from 30th November 2019  all remote pilots of model aircraft or drones (small unmanned aircraft, SUA) with a mass of 250gm or more flown outdoors, including free flight, not to fly the SUA unless the CAA has issued the remote pilot with an acknowledgement of competency valid for the flight.


However the CAA have issued an exemption for BMFA members who hold a Basic Proficiency Certificate,  and either A or B Certificates. The CAA will also accept as proof of competency our new BMFA Registration Competency Certificate which has been launched today.

To take the online BMFA Registration Competency Certificate test go to

Please note that if you do not hold a BMFA achievement certificate you must either take the CAA online test at or the BMFA Registration Competency Certificate at by 30th November if you intend to fly.


This is a separate requirement to CAA Registration for which BMFA members are exempt until 31st January so you can register when you renew your BMFA membership.