The Science and Technology Committee holds its third evidence session on its Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK inquiry on Tuesday 9th July.

Watch it online at Parliament TV.


At 9.30 am

  • Gemma Alcock, Founder, SkyBound Rescuer
  • Professor David Dunn, International Politics, University of Birmingham
  • David Phipps, Chief Executive, British Model Flying Association

At 10.30 am

  • Baroness Vere of Norbiton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Department for Transport

This is the third and final session of the Committee's inquiry into commercial and recreational drone use in the UK. Themes for the session's first panel include:

  • reflecting upon the state of current drone safety education and exploring options and strategies for improving the quality and delivery of this education; and
  • addressing ethical concerns—including privacy concerns—that surround the increased availability, and use of, drone technology.

During the second panel, the Committee will question Baroness Vere of Norbiton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Transport. Questioning will cover a range of areas including:

  • the current regulatory framework;
  • forthcoming regulations;
  • risks associated with drones; and

•     the opportunities presented by the growing industry.

Club Competitions May.

11 members of the club entered models into this year’s  Flying Scale Competition.

The entrants were required to fly a set schedule followed by manoeuvres chosen from a menu that were within the capabilities of themselves, and appropriate for the model being flown.   The flights were judged by Richard Pidduck and Roger Everitt chosen from a cast of thousands.


In first place after the scores were added up came Carl, followed extremely closely by James, a margin of only one point separated them.  Third came Neil, 4th David, 5th was Colin, 6th was Ian, 7th was Phillip, 8th Mathew, 9th Gavin, who sadly was unable to complete a full flight after an engine failure, 10th was John who also did not complete the flight and in last place came Richard who was also suffering from engine reliability.


The Scale competition was then followed by a Fun Fly round Touch and Go Bang.  10 pilots took part 6 of whom managed to burst the balloon which comprised the Bang part of the competition. In first place came Ted who scored 49, Second place went to Gavin with 47, Third was David with 42, 4th place went to James who scored 38, 5th to Neil with 27 points, 6th place went to Phillip with 24, 7th to William who scored 19, 8th to Ian with 12, 9th to Richard C with 9. Finally came Matthew with 2 points.

Visit of the SVVS

On Wednesday 15th May the CDMFC hosted a visit by the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society.  On a glorious summer evening we enjoyed showing our models to 10 visitors from the society who were thoroughly impressed.   A report on the visit has been published on the society website , it contains numerous pictures of the club and the models on show.


April Competition Results

Two rounds of the Fun Fly competition were held on the warmest day yet of 2019.  10 members of the club contested the Blackjack and Water Carrying rounds which attracted entries from new and old members alike.

First place in Blackjack was claimed by Ted, who scored his total of 21 in the minimum of 3 touch and gos in a time of just 22.44 seconds.  Second place was taken by Gavin who scored his 21 points in just 32.97 seconds just ahead of Neil who completed his round in 33.77 seconds.

Once again this year the Water Carrying was combined with a short landing to sort out the old pilots from the bold pilots. Ted triumphed again landing with 34 drips of water remaining in a distance of 3 mtrs. This gave him a score of 28.  Neil came second with a total of 24 drips again in a distance of 3 mtrs, thus scoring 18 points.  Third place went to Matthew who landed with only 6 drips remaining but right on the spot, which meant that he scored 6 points.

Well done to all those who took part.

2019 Competition Season.

The first few competitions of this Season have taken place at the field.  There has been an excellent turn out so far with several members new to competitions already making a promising start to the championship.

Here are the top three in each of the rounds so far:

Deadstick Aerobatics.   1st David C and  in equal 2nd place were Neil and Shaun.   13 members took part.

Loops and Land.     1st Gavin ,  2nd Neil and in 3rd place  David C.        13 members took part

Triple Thrash.   1st Gavin,  2nd Ted and in 3rd place Matthew.      9 members took part.

Left is Right.    1st David C, 2nd Phillip  and in 3rd place  Wayne.    12 members took part.



Christmas Club Night 17th December 2018

Please come along and support the Club at the Christmas Club night.  If you have been before you will know why it is the one night of the year not to miss out on.   If you have not been before, the competition winners throughout the year will receive their certificates and an array of other trophies will be presented.  This includes an award to our Pilot of the Year, our Unluckiest Pilot of the Year and the well deserved Brian Gordon Memorial Club Spirit Award.

Our monthly raffle takes on a special Christmas Theme, and our Super Raffle Prize finds a worthy owner.  Best of all enjoy the company of your fellow club members and enjoy a fine buffet prepared by the Chairman and Treasurer. Yum Yum.

See you there.

Membership for 2019

Membership Application Forms for 2019 have now been sent out to all members.

Email is not infallible, and the Secretary sometimes presses an incorrect key, so please

contact RIchard if you are a current member and have not yet got your form.


2018 Annual General Meeting

This year's Annual General Meeting will be held at the South Godstone Sports Club on Monday 15th October at 8pm.

An agenda will be sent by email to all members, together with a copy of the 2017 minutes and some background information to an agenda item.    It would be nice to see as many of you there as possible.  We try to keep proceedings as brief as possible!.  If you cannot make it please send your apologies, you will then receive a mention in the minutes!.

Aerobatics and Carrier Deck Landing Competitions.

The latest rounds in the 2018 Club Championships were flown recently at the field.

We were fortunate indeed to benefit from the expert eye of Bill Griffiths to judge the Aerobatic manoeuvres  of 6 of our members.  The winning flight was carried out by Ted who flew the intricate sequence with skill and care.  Second came David followed closely in third place by Gavin.

The result of the carrier deck landing competition was also finely balanced.  It was won with a very skillful landing (as is his normal practice) by David.  Three other members shared the second place, Shaun, Gavin and Ian.


BMFA request help with public consultation.

In an article on the BMFA encourage members to respond to the public consultation to help the government decide to recognise the clear distinction between our hobby and operating multi-rotors as a business. Its an interesting read even if you don't respond to the survey.

CDMFC Cloud Tramp Mass Launch. 4 August 2018

36 Members and Friends of the CDMCF gathered at 1700 on 4 August 2018 for

The 23rd Charles Hampson Grant Memorial International Mass Launch Of Cloud Tramps.

The event takes place each year to commemorate the contribution made to aeromodelling by Charles Hampson Grant,

Please see the official website

A video clip of the event is available at



Drone legislation: use, restrictions and enforcement

I have lifted this article word for word from the BMFA website, and make no apology for doing so.  It important that we all know what is going on, Follow the link provided.

"The Government has today published their consultation ‘Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK’. The measures in the consultation are part of the Governments wider drones programme and strategy, and will help shape the content of a draft Drones Bill which will be published later this year, as well as other future measures.

The measures under consultation include:

  • Proposals for regulating and mandating the use of ‘apps’ on which pilots would file flight plans ahead of take-off
  • Additional powers for the police to enforce the law
  • Using new counter-drone technology to protect public events and critical national infrastructure, and stop contraband reaching prisons
  • Introducing minimum age restrictions for drone owners in addition to the new tests they will need to take
  • Whether the 1km restriction around aerodromes, introduced as an amendment to the Air Navigation Order in May this year, is sufficient.

The Draft Drone Bill is clearly aimed at 'Drones' but inevitably encompasses all unmanned aircraft.  There is a dedicated section relating to model flying which refers to the ongoing negotiations between the DfT/CAA and the BMFA, SAA, LMA & FPVUK.

You can find a link to the consultation here and it will run until 17 September 2018.

This will provide all those 'keyboard warriors' within the membership an opportunity to channel their efforts in a useful direction, but we would strongly encourage all members to participate in this consultation.  "

This Coming Weekend 14 – 15 July

This Saturday at the field will see the Vintage and Retro day.  There will be three competitions for those with a Vintage model including Precision Pattern, Spot Landing and Free Flight.  A vintage model is classed as an aeroplane that is inspired from the early free flight era and converted to radio.

 Please also bring along retro models from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Although there is not a competition for these models it would good to see them fly and stir up memories of the past.

 This coming Sunday 15th July is the Avicraft Fun Fly day, held at the Bickley Club's fantastic field from around 10.30 onwards and we are all welcome to attend. 

There is lots going on with a BBQ and tea van, a fun fly event and a mass fly off to end with. Any model will do, so it doesn't have to be an Avicraft design and the event is sponsored by the London area BMFA, usually with lots of prizes.

This will be a light hearted day of events that can be entered with virtually any model, so please come along and join in the fun.

 The address is Church Road, Sutton at Hone, Kent, DA4 9EX


Round 2 of the Inter Club Fun Fly Competition.

A sunny afternoon at the Concord field saw the gathering of 20 competitors from the 3 clubs Caterham, Croydon and Concord for the second of the three rounds this year.

3 different competitions were flown, Balloon Bursting Snooker, combining the skill of bursting balloons with the option of choosing which colours to "pot".  Then triple triple thrash where three each of loops , rolls and spins were timed from take off to landing.  This produced some really spectacular landings from the last of the 3 spins and some really exciting and close competition as competitors learned from each other’s attempts.

Finally a climb and glide event where the aim was to glide for as long as possible after a 20 second climb.  This event favoured the powerful electric models who were able to climb almost out of sight.

Overall champion for the day was Caterham’s Neil. The Caterham club also won the club event as we had more competitors in the top positions than Croydon who came second and Concord who came third.  Bob Ryan the former multiple BMFA Fun Fly champion also took part in the event as a guest competitor.

Our thanks go to the Concord club for a well organised event with a splendid Barbecue as well. We look forward to round 3 in the Autumn.

Club Competition Update

The CDMFC competition season has continued at pace with an encouraging level of participation from members with all levels of flying ability.  A great deal of fun was had by everyone attending.  Here is a summary of the results :

April saw the  introduction of a new combined event and one that is becoming fast established as a favourite and the popular strategy event Blackjack.

In Water Carrying-Short Landing  the number of  drips of water remaining was combined with the distance taken to land. Neil came first, followed by Gavin , then James, then Colin, Ted, David, our Juniors Philip and Matthew, and finally Richard C and Shaun.

In Blackjack Gavin came 1st scoring his 21 points in just 39 seconds.  He was followed by James with 48 seconds, then came Ted C, David C, our juniors Philip and Matthew, then Neil , Shaun, Colin and Richard C.

May saw the Spring Barbecue and two more events from the calendar  Flying Scale and Limbo.

In Limbo, James came first with a score of 25 followed equally by Gavin and David with 20 each. Next came Junior Matthew scoring 11 jointly with Colin.  They were followed by Graham, Neil and Richard C.

The scale competition was won by Gavin with one of the last flights of his Tigercat, followed by David with his Cub and Graham with his Focker. Next came Colin with his Pup, Neil with his Spitfire and finally Richard C with his Mustang.

June was time to dust off the Gliders and an entertaining day was had by all.  Thank you to James for providing the Tug although most gliders taking part were self propelled.

First with a maximum score came David, followed by Colin, Andrew, Philip, Neil , Matthew, Gavin, Richard P, Don and finally Richard C.

Postponement of Inter Club Event.

Please note that the Inter Club Fun Fly event due to take place this coming Sunday 15th April has been postponed due to the wet condition of the track and pits.

We have re-scheduled the event for Sunday 29th April.  Any members can attend and fly in the event.

Fun Fly Round Two Results – Roop, and Left is Right.

Finally, we have been able to run the second round of our Fun Fly competitions.

Firstly  Roop.   Competitors aim to fly as many as possible combinations of Loop and Roll in a minute with the wheels touching down as close to the minute mark as possible.  Deductions to points were made for those under and over a minute.

We had 9 competitors and the scores ranged between 19 and minus 9.   In first place came David Colley with a score of 19.  Second place went to Neil Wallis with a score of 9 and in equal in Third place came Gavin Barden and James Gordon.

In the Left is Right Competition,  10 entrants took turns flying a Club aircraft on a Buddy Box setup.

The competitor flew with reversed ailerons and elevator.  They flew 4 manoeuvres  which were marked for precision, smoothness and consistency.   First again was David Colley with a score of 64, Second was Gavin Barden with a score of 52 very closely followed by Robin Atkinson with a score of 51.

Congratulations to all who took part in this enjoyable round of the Club’s Fun Fly calendar.